ProcessMIX User Guide

Testing Helper

Updated on March 19, 2023

What is a Testing Helper?

The ProcessMIX solution provides various useful tools to verify that flow works properly. Testing Helper is one of these tools. The main idea of the Testing Helper is to verify that output the flow correlates with your expectation. In other words, you will be able to put value for the flow’s input parameters and compare output.

How to use Testing Helper?

First of all you need to resolve all errors and deploy your project. After these steps, the Testing Helper functionality will be available.

Click on the button shown in the screenshot above and the Testing Helper pop-up will be opened. Select a required flow, the required section displays the incoming data structure with the test values. Replace the test data with your expected input values, then click on the “Run“ button. After clicking you will see the response body and be able to make a decision on the correctness of your flow.


As part of testing helper, there is an available option in the flow settings “Initialize variables”. If initialized variables are activated then output and local variables are initialized with default values according to the data types. Otherwise, the default value is NULL.

In case of any issues, use debugging mode to check values in the specific nodes in the flow.