Automated Decisions for Pre-Collection, Collection, and Recovery Processes
ProcessMIX low-code BRMS helps your organization to develop intelligent Collection and Recovery strategies. Ideal for banks, alternative lenders, and microfinance companies.
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ProcessMIX BRMS in Action
ProcessMIX BRMS empowers business users with automated decision-making throughout the customer lifecycle from front to back, including Debt Collection and Recovery strategies.
Prevent delinquency and minimize losses, while withholding positive customer experience.
Prevent delinquency and minimise losses, while withholding positive customer experience.
Trusted by banks and alternative lenders
ProcessMIX BRMS covers the needs of customer engagement decision for all types of products and all customer segments. Banks, alternative lenders and microfinance institutions use our solution to ensure a continuous and high-quality customer experience.
Decision Management Software for Business Users
ProcessMIX BRMS low-code platform provides business users with visual UI for business rules and predictive model configuration, powerful calculation capabilities, and advanced testing features.
Full decision strategy can be configured and published without IT team support. Business users can configure various elements.
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Smart engagement strategies personalized for every client
Customer segmentation based on RFM-analysis, CLV, and other methods
Multiple AI models to identify the best product fit and maximize the take-up rate
Multiple offers calculation based on all available data
Utilization of external data providers
Scorecards of any complexity, AI and Machine Learning models
Unlimited number of scorecards and model versions
ML model support both as separate components and as Python scripts
Import of any models supported by the PMML standard
Dual-scorecard and multi-scorecard matrixes and models
Offer matrix calculation based on a client’s risk level
All decision components are 100% visual (Python scripts are also available but not necessary)
Rule configuration allows Business and Risk team users to operate with zero IT team involvement
Online validation of new changes
Versioning, and release management capabilities
Integration with 3rd party data and service providers
Integration with credit bureaus, pension and tax authorities/agencies, AML/KYC data providers, and other services
Integration with mobile app data stream, geo-location, and website clickstream
Behavior-based and event-based actions
API for external service providers
Powerful validation and testing, scenario analysis
Online and batch testing of changes
Champion-challenger capabilities
Scenario analysis, what-if analysis at the portfolio level
Step-by-step debugging in visual UI
Automatic test data generation
What our clients 
are saying
Loan application decision automation in a large Eastern European Bank.

ProcessMix flexible visual tools allow our Risk Technology Department to develop, test and deploy new limit management strategies with no IT involvement.

Now we can quickly adapt our products to market changes and regulatory requirements and implement updates within days.

Hosting behavioral scorecards in ProcessMIX; no IT department contribution required.

Publishing 10+ behavior scorecards in ProcessMIX to cover all Consumer products, together with derived variables calculations and data quality control.

The Risk Team can now adjust models, calculations and missing values processing logic with low-code UI with their own hands. The IT department is responsible only for server administration and ETL.