Customer acquisition and onboarding

Customer Acquisition and Onboarding Decision-Making Automation
Customers are the lifeline of any business. ProcessMIX is a powerful customer acquisition strategy designed to drive new leads through the KYC process while drawing and retaining a consumer’s interest and attention.
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ProcessMIX BRMS in Action
ProcessMIX BRMS empowers business users with automated decision-making throughout the customer acquisition and onboarding process.
Our AI-powered solution operates with zero human intervention and provides customer decision-making using a 360° customer-view approach based on the data of many providers.
Perform KYC & fraud checks and calculate customer risk levels while providing an unparalleled customer experience.
Trusted by banks and alternative lenders
ProcessMIX BRMS covers the needs of customer onboarding and acquisition for all banking products starting with loans and credit lines, for both Consumer and SME clients. Banks, alternative lenders, and microfinance institutions use our solution to ensure a continuous and high-quality customer experience.
Smart customer onboarding decisions
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Capable of fully automated customer acquisition decisions
Effective customer screening for clients
Sanctions, Embargo, and Counter-terrorism financing screening
PEP screening
AI-powered Risk assessment framework
New and existing Customer profiling, regular re-assessment activities
Remote KYC activities based on browser and mobile devices data
Low-code rule builder
Hard and soft KYC rules, depending on Customer profile, operations, region, etc.
Integration with external and internal data sources
AI models to calculate the Customer Risk level
Required verification level identification
ProcessMIX BRMS can be used for online and batch decisioning
Scorecards of any complexity, AI and Machine Learning models
Unlimited number of scorecards and model versions
ML model support as both separate components and as Python scripts
Import any models supported by the PMML 4.* standard
Dual-scorecard and multi-scorecard matrixes and models
Integration with 3rd party data and service providers
Integration with AML/KYC services, credit bureaus, tax authorities/agencies, and other services
Smart utilization of paid data sources
Fuzzy matching for names, addresses, and other texts
External responses logging for caching and audit purposes
Powerful validation and testing, scenario analysis
Online and batch testing of changes
Champion-challenger capabilities
Scenario analysis, what-if analysis at the portfolio level
Step-by-step debugging in visual UI
Automatic test data generation
Сredit decision making
Real Case
Banking and Fintech

Assignment of risk level and customer category within KYC processes at customer onboarding

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What our clients 
are saying

Very mature solution for customer onboarding with a powerful decision engine and great integration capabilities.

Fast deployment within 3 weeks, and a lot of preconfigured rules are available out-of-the-box. ProcessMIX BRMS automates the entire acquisition and onboarding decision process front-to-back. Gave approximately 480% improvement in the productivity due to 100% automated decisions.