AML and transaction fraud protection

ProcessMIX for Transaction Monitoring, AML, and Fraud Protection
ProcessMIX low-code BRMS helps companies meet legal requirements to combat financial crime. Key features include the ability to monitor transactions, generate real-time alerts and use AI-powered customer profiling.
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ProcessMIX BRMS in Action
ProcessMIX BRMS empowers business users with automated transaction monitoring and the ability to identify suspicious behavior and measure risk levels.
Use KYC and sanction screening to meet the regulation requirements.
Benefit from fuzzy matching logic and real-time customer profiling to provide your customers protection while reducing false-positive alerts.
Trusted by banks and alternative lenders
ProcessMIX BRMS covers the needs of customer transactions monitoring, covering possible fraud activities, AML/CFT, and other regulatory requirements. Banks, alternative lenders microfinance institutions use our solution to ensure a continuous and high-quality customer experience.
Decision Management Software for Business Users
The ProcessMIX BRMS low-code platform provides business users with visual UI for business rules and predictive model configuration, powerful calculation capabilities, and advanced testing features.
Full decision strategy can be configured and published without IT team support. Business users can configure various strategy elements.
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Smart transaction and customer behavior monitoring
Transaction authorization in real-time
Anti-fraud rules and models
AI models, including behavioral analytics, to identify suspicious transactions
Compliance violation identification and alerting
Politically exposed persons (PEP) and watch-lists (sanctions, terrorists, etc.) transactions screening
Suspicious activity reports (SARs) initiation
Reporting to a proper validation level depending on Customer risk level, transaсtion details, etc.
Scorecards of any complexity, AI and Machine Learning models
Unlimited number of scorecards and model versions
ML model support as both separate components and as Python scripts
Import of any models supported by the PMML standard
Dual-scorecard and multi-scorecard matrixes and models
Integration with 3rd party data and service providers
Integration with AML/KYC services and government authorities/agencies
Smart utilization of paid data sources
Fuzzy matching for names, addresses, and other texts
External responses logging for caching and audit purposes
Powerful validation and testing, scenario analysis
Online and batch testing of changes
Champion-challenger capabilities
Scenario analysis, what-if analysis at the portfolio level
Step-by-step debugging in visual UI
Automatic test data generation
AML and Anti-fraud
Banking and Fintech

Automatization of Suspicious Transactions Identification According to AML/CFT Requirements

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x3 faster
x2.5 less
Suspicious transactions criteria
x2 less
Compliance officers Time
x3 higher
What our clients 
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Using ProcessMix for monitoring and identification of questionable operations or operations subject to obligatory control allows to quickly transfer information to the back-end IT systems. And the prompt identification of untrustworthy customers allows the bank to reduce the risks and losses.

Deputy Head of Financial Monitoring Department