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Low-code decision engine for banks and fintech organizations.

ProcessMIX low-code BRMS automates the credit decision-making from A to Z. Ideal for banks and alternative lenders alike, for consumer and SME lending.
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ProcessMIX BRMS in Action

ProcessMIX BRMS empowers business users with automated decision-making throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The solution can operate with no human intervention and provide personalized offers based on a 360° customer view.
Maximize portfolio revenue, while providing an unparalleled customer experience.
3.5x faster
Time to Value
4 weeks
min implementation time
2.5x Lower
Total Cost of Ownership than competitors
customizable platform

Automated decision-making throughout the entire customer lifecycle

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Customer onboarding

Develop new acquisition strategies to attract the right type of customers that can ensure the scale and durability of the relationship.

Use AI models to build strategies that are specifically tailored to your business needs and reduce the likelihood of acquiring customers that have low engagement potential.

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Credit decision-making

Build 100% automated loan origination strategies that include decision-making rules, identification of decision-making levels, determination of next process steps, KYC rules, stop-factors, risk-based pricing, and offer matrix calculation.

Provide customers with immediate personalized offers.

Use scorecards and AI models to predict customer behavior.

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Monitoring, Collection, and Recovery

Develop powerful strategies to monitor customer behavior and identify risky clients. Prevent bad debts and losses by effective pre-collection strategies.

Recognize curable debtors and recommend best actions for the Collection team to boost their efficiency. Improve call center performance through the introduction of next-best-time-to-call predictive models.

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Retention and cross-selling

Increase your earnings through smart customer management. Boost your cross-sell activities and fight customers outflow with smart decisions in batches and real-time.

Use AI models to predict the next best offer for new and existing customers. Use multiple data sources to capture robust data about your customers and calculate personalized offers based on their behavior patterns.

Engage in real-time decision-making to catch the best time for creating offers, and communicating to the right customer at the right time using the right channel.

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KYC, AML, and Anti-Fraud

Develop sets of rules and customized risk models for customer risk assessment in real-time. Calculate customers’ risk scores online before they complete onboarding.

Use data enrichment capabilities to retrieve data from multiple sources and create customer profiles. Implement monitoring strategies to keep track of suspicious transactions.

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Trusted by Banks and Fintechs
Loan application decision automation in a large Eastern European Bank.

Before ProcessMIX we changed our credit policy once per year. We suffered a lot from this during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now we tweak our credit rules once per week and our Time-to-Market is 12 hours, including regress-testing and the approval process! We can now benefit from instant credit decision products and chat-bot lead generation.

Head of Risk Technology Department

Hosting behavioral scorecards in ProcessMIX. No IT department contribution required.

Publishing 10+ behavior scorecards in ProcessMIX to cover all Consumer products, alongside derived variables calculations and data quality control.

The Risk team can now adjust models, calculations and missing values processing logic with low-code UI with their own hands. The IT department is responsible only for server administration and ETL.