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Where and how to use scoring rules to make better decisions in process automation

Scoring is used in almost every domain of human activity. With scoring and marks, we measure performance, achievements, and other indicators of success. Sports teams, corporation managers, hospitals, factories, and a whole variety of other enterprises strive to give a…
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5 steps for an efficient process automation

Process automation is one of the most important parts of any business. Since the dawn of time, entrepreneurs have strived to facilitate their business processes. At first, there were tools operated engaged manually. Then, with the first industrial revolution, came…
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Business Rules Management 101

Business rules are a crucial part of any business in the 21st century. They give a business team guidelines to perform any task. Business rules are essential for enterprises where the complexity of services and the number of variables demand…
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Workflow Orchestration: Introduction, Types, Tools

Workflow orchestration is a smart way to achieve better efficiency, fewer errors, and significant cost savings. Here’s how you can orchestrate business processes.
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The difference between low-code and no-code platforms

Discover what low-code/no-code development is. Learn the differences between low-code and no-code development platforms and which is better to use for your project
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