ProcessMIX User Guide

Organization & Subscription

Updated on September 25, 2023

Home is an administrative application. This is where you can create your first organization, manage the resources and teams, and control project states.

In our back-end low-code platform, Organizations are the place where the user contains all their available resources – whether it be projects, teams, environments, and so on. Each organization is associated with a subscription.

How to create an organization?

After successful signed up, the system redirects you to the home page in the Home application. You can create an organization in two possible ways.

First. On the ProcessMIX Welcome page, click the CREATE NEW ORGANIZATION button.

Second. In the top panel, click on the “+ Create new organization“ and then on the “+ Create new organization.“

After that, a pop-up will appear in which you need to enter the name of the organization, the website of the organization (optional), and also select the type of subscription. The default subscription type is Starting.

The following subscription plans are available for selection:

  • Free
  • Starting
  • Standart (upcoming)
  • Enterprise (upcoming)

The Organization’s name should be longer than 1 character and shorter than 64. It can contain the letters (Latin a-z A-Z), numbers 0-9, $, and an underscore. Beginning from a letter or underscore character.

You can subscribe to a free subscription with a limited number of resources. For this you need to select the Free plan. Then click the “CREATE & SUBSCRIBE” button.

After that, the application is available to work on. You can create only one free organization. Here you can change the information about the created organization, and the organization’s website, view current resources, update the subscription, set administrators, and delete the organization.

For a paid subscription, the user must select the Starting tariff or a higher level. Currently, the Standard and Enterprise tariff plan is unavailable for use. Then click on the “CREATE & SUBSCRIBE” button.

After that, you will be redirected to the payment page. Here you must enter bank card details and other necessary information to complete the purchase.

In case of successful payment, the user will be redirected to the ProcessMIX Home application for further work. The subscription will be activated. On the organization page, you can view your current available resources, add extra resources, upgrade your subscription, or cancel the subscription.

How to change the name of the organization?

To change the name of the organization or the site, the user needs to click on the appropriate input field.

How to add an owner to the organization?

To add a new owner or administrator to the organization, the user needs to click on the New owner button next to the corresponding field. A window appears where the user needs to enter the email of the new owner, then click on the CONFIRM button.


The user must be registered on the platform.

How to delete the organization?

To delete an organization, the user needs to click on the DELETE button, then in the window that appears, confirm the action by clicking the DELETE button.


After deleting an organization, all its resources will be deleted, including the created project deployments and the database, if it was added as an additional resource.


If you have added a database, we recommend dumping it using third-party utilities.

How to cancel the organization’s subscription?

To cancel the subscription, you need to click Cancel subscription on the organization page. After that, the subscription has the status CANCEL, which will change to INACTIVE after the end of the paid period. You can use the platform without any restrictions until the end of the paid period. Also until the end of the paid period you can restore the subscription, to do this, click on the Reactivate button. The next subscription payment will be made according to the previous payment schedule.

How to upgrade the organization’s subscription?

This option is used if the user wants to upgrade their subscription. Currently, only a transition from Free plan to Starting plan is available. To do this, click the Upgrade button, select a plan to upgrade, click the UPGRADE RIGHT NOW button. You will be redirected to the payment page. Here you need to enter bank card details and other necessary information.

How to add additional resources to the subscription?

If the user wants to add extra resources, namely a database, they need to go to the Environments section on the Organization page, and in the Database section, click on the Edit button .

А pop-up will appear where you need to select the type of database. Currently, it is PostgreSQL 13 and its size, available in 2, 10 and 20 GB. Then click the CONFIRM button. The resource will be provided immediately. Payment will be charged for the next billing period. The fee for days using additional resources during the current billing period will be added to the next invoice.

How to delete additional resources from the subscription?

If you want to delete an extra resource, you need to click the edit button. Then click the DELETE button, after that confirm the deletion of the resource.

How to change the payment method?

If you want to change the payment method, you need to go to another tab on the organization page. To do this, in the right vertical panel, activate the payment method tab.

To add a new payment method, you need to click the Add payment methods button . After that, enter all the necessary data.

How to delete the payment method?

To delete the payment method, you need to click the DELETE next to the desired method.