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How ProcessMIX can help with your sales cycle
  1. Solutions based on ProcessMIX are easy to sell because of their competitive cost structure and scalability. Our existing partners' statistics demonstrate over 50% growth in win rate for the deals that reached the pre-sales phase.
  2. You can offer low-cost, fully functional Proof of Concept deployments. An average PoC takes one to two months to build and deploy with a team of a couple of back-end developers. With ProcessMIX you can do it in two weeks with only one engineer.
Your force multiplier
Purpose built for rapid engineering of complex back-end and microservices, merging the power of native development with simplicity of the Low-code.
Costs Reduction
3x cheaper
Development speed
4x faster
Reduction in errrors
10x cleaner
Other platforms vs ProcessMIX
Use cases
Basic apps with limited logic.
Full custom development with all backend processes and integrations.
Parallel development
Limited. Team's idle time is a major overhead.
Complete. Git-like feature-branch approach - same as in native development.
Impossible to reuse any of the created logic outside of the low code platform.
Export clean, structured Java code on top of open-source frameworks at any time.
Low. "Everything is an object" philosophy.
High. "Everything is an actor" philosophy - scalable by design.
Obfuscated through internal ‘currency’, 
not transparent with scale.
Transparent and linear pricing.
Partnership types
Experts in scoping, building and delivering IT projects, our partners have one overarching goal: customer success. Because customer success means more business in the future. Outpace competition and win more customers with ProcessMIX!
System Integrators
  • Simplify and automate integrations
  • Focus on the core value-add
  • Rapidly create middleware
Service Providers
  • Improve project economics
  • Minimise hiring bottlenecks
  • Process more business
Digital Transformation Firms
  • Enable execution of the DT roadmap
  • Increase project success rate
  • Simplify adoption of the digitalisation
Why low-code is the future
Low-code approach sets the new standards in simplicity, speed, and accuracy of the software engineering. It significantly improves project economics allowing you to iterate faster, be leaner and more agile, while maintaining robust margins.
Access to new business
Quick one-click integrations
Faster and simpler engineering
Improved system resilience
Rapid iteration and releases
CI/CD pipeline automation
Success stories
Loan Origination System
Payment system integration. Subscription business model
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