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Efficient low-code API development platform for web and mobile apps

ProcessMIX delivers automated API development services suitable for any software. Combine different apps into a single application with hassle-free low-code API solutions.
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Why do you need ProcessMIX?

The digital world is full of separate services and products that work in isolation from each other. However, one app may need data from another one or might require an external service’s integration to provide users with real-time data, process payments, or conduct geolocation tracking. Why build them from scratch if you can partner with existing services by building an Application Programming Interfaces (API) bridge?
APIs are needed to connect apps and enable their concerted work to perform intended activities.

ProcessMIX low-code platform in action

With ProcessMIX, you don’t need mastery in programming languages and frameworks to build a consistent back end. Our fully automated platform for API development enables quick server-side application buildup and launch in the cloud. Embrace the advantage of hassle-free connectivity with the needed databases, services, and messengers, minimizing the response time and improving your app’s efficiency.
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3x faster
Improvement in development speed is real with ProcessMIX. You save time familiarizing yourself with the service, setting up the necessary API workflow, and launching the API operations. As a result, your time to value metrics will improve significantly.
Configuring a simple ProcessMIX API solution will take around 4 hours, which is significantly below the industry average. No complicated onboarding; you receive a workable server side of your app right away and can start building a functional API model.
Time to Market
4 hours min
Logic Changes
3x faster
ProcessMIX allows quick and intuitive API configurations and changes to let you enjoy flexible and adaptive tools. You will require minimal testing with changes applied only to isolated sequence parts and simple resequencing, arriving at an efficient API setup with a record turnaround.
We’ve gone the extra mile to remove the logic complexity barriers for ProcessMIX users. You can implement any API configuration you need and set up the logic of any complexity without challenging coding.
Implementation Complexity
6x lower

Easy build API with Process MIX

ProcessMIX can minimize the API development time and automate many processes without security or scalability concerns. Say goodbye to poor-quality, inconsistent API code with our transparent processes and documentation. Here you will find solutions meeting a variety of your business needs and unique business cases. With ProcessMIX, you get consistent, reusable APIs that help establish a user-friendly, administration-friendly, and flexible software environment that you can customize in a couple of clicks.
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Mobile Apps

The API development service by ProcessMIX allows you to separate the business logic of your app and the app’s functioning, so that it avoids creating bottlenecks to the app’s scalability. You can easily reconfigure the app’s logic and tweak its services without costly and time-consuming app updates.

Database Connectivity

Use our API development solutions to let your app connect to the database via SQL and enjoy 8x higher interaction and data processing speed improvements. You can plug a built-in dedicated database and a variety of external databases into your app to enhance its operations based on real-time data.

Third-Party App Integrations

Use our API development software to exchange data with third-party service providers. ProcessMIX can link seamlessly with the existing services’ APIs to adapt your server side and ensure secure, quick data sharing between apps.

Message Brokers

Our tools for API development are suitable for implementing hassle-free, secure asynchronous communication between services. Using Kafka connectors, you can organize message queues and set up specific logic arrangements for various listener categories.

And more…

ProcessMIX offers a full set of tools and useful features that can help you automate API development for any product and any complexity. Move to a new level of operational efficiency and interconnectivity with our low-code API development system.

Why Choose Us?

APIs are meant to simplify the software engineers’ work and enable data sharing or retrieval from external sources for a seamless UX. With ProcessMIX, you can enjoy a quick and manageable API development process without extensive coding or complex engineering. Let your apps function as they should, with minimal input and coding expertise.
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