ProcessMIX User Guide

Quick start

Updated on March 27, 2023

Here you can find a few short steps that will walk you through the functionality and get you started with your application. In our Quick Start, by clicking on the Launch button, the platform will help you initiate this or that action.

Administrative application. Home

  1. Create an organization & get a subscription
  2. Create your first repository
  3. Create your first project
  4. Start to work with the project

Integrated Development Environment. IDE

  1. Create a ‘City’ structure
  2. Create a ‘getCityByName’ flow
  3. Change the flow in and out
  4. Create a ‘geocoding-api’ connector
  5. Add a connector node
  6. Process the connector response
  7. Deploy the project
  8. Test the flow

Video tutorial

Here you can find training videos that will help you visually understand how to start working on the platform and creating your own logic.

How-To guide

User guide

On our help portal, you can get detailed information about each component of the platform and its capabilities

User guide