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Our services cover all the needs of IT providers and organizations with complex internal software development systems.

ProcessMIX BRMS in action

ProcessMIX is an end-to-end solution for your backend configuration without the need to involve programming specialists with in-depth coding expertise.

The low-code functionality of ProcessMIX solutions can help you build, implement, and automate business logic of any complexity to solve your custom software development tasks quicker and relieve the burden on developers and testers.

You’re sure to stay on track and complete software implementations with optimally automated dev processes

Discover how ProcessMix boosts your business
Time to market
ProcessMIX can reduce your time-to-market considerably by minimizing the time needed for a functional minimum viable product (MVP) buildup. Spend 3-5 days on the MVP to showcase the minimum required functionality to clients and move on to further development stages faster than your competitors.
Any project you code with ProcessMIX is easily scalable because of the simple coding logic our tool allows. You can experiment with the logic of any complexity without overloading vital IT resources; it’s all stored in the cloud.
ProcessMIX is 100% customizable, with the user staying in control of all settings and features. Find your own way to use our functionality by tweaking various parameters in isolated logic parts without wasting time on the full functionality update.
You can complete all development-related operations 2-3 times faster because of the advanced automation and optimization of your software development lifecycle (SDLC). No extensive onboarding or training required; you can set up the ProcessMIX system and start using it at once.
The SDLC automation you can achieve with ProcessMIX takes the human error out of the development process because most part of the logic is readily available and QA-tested. Thus, you can enjoy up to 5x error reduction at the QA phase of your software development projects.

Use Cases

For IT Service Providers

Use the automation and unlimited configuration possibilities of ProcessMIX to reduce per-project costs and minimize the development time while at the same time achieving optimal developer resource allocation and high-quality code production. This way, you are better positioned to deliver transparent solutions your client’s dev teams will understand. We can also help you scale up the developer staff with consistent onboarding organization.

With ProcessMIX, you will be able to produce top-tier code with a team of middle-level coders instead of hiring costly senior programmers. The system can help you deliver pilot MVPs within 3 days, using the effort of pre-sales team only, to boost your sales and create new revenue streams for your business.

For internal development teams

ProcessMIX enables better productivity of the development team with lower staff involvement in the project. You receive uniform standards for code quality and oversee compliance of your developers at both small and large-scale software projects. Manage high turnover and expertise erosion with standardized internal processes that allow minimal onboarding. 

Your business will enjoy a new level of performance with one metadata layer unifying operations across all departments and adding a single point of all backend projects’ control. Enhance your processes with dependency management, version control, and release management capabilities neatly combined in the ProcessMIX product.

ProcessMIX low code platform capabiltites

Low-code logic builder

ProcessMIX enables simple, user-friendly rule-building visualization to show how data models work and how connectors bind to other systems. You can build infinitely complex solutions using only your mouse and reap the benefits of dependency management, “where used” tracking, and visual version comparison. The system you build can be deployed in one click and can be used immediately.

Batch and Unit Testing. Step-by-step Debugging

You can apply functional testing for any flow component and complete end-to-end testing after the system is built. ProcessMIX also provides robust regress testing that works with big data chunks. Try our step-by-step debugger with clear visual logic to watch the debugging process and introduce changes on the go.

SOAP/REST outgoing calls to external systems

Users can quickly import Swagger and WSDL with several clicks only and enjoy automatic data model extension and service function listing. ProcessMIX also supports live testing of external APIs in the process of connector configuration.

Database Interactions

All database interactions are set up with the help of JDBC in ProcessMIX, allowing you to execute any SQL statements via a JDBC connection. You can create connectors to internal and external DB and combine the processes of live testing and connector configuration.

Advanced Exceptions Handling

ProcessMIX allows advanced handling of exceptions that your data model can yield as a result of processing non-standard data or receiving unexpected flow outcomes. We provide two-tier exception handling - at the level of flow and at the app level so that you receive a detailed report on what happened.

Automation Generation of Java projects for the production environment

We work based on the JSON model built with the help of UI, where you generate Java code, compile it, and unify the outcome into an execution package. It can be used in your production environment or inside the ProcessMIX platform.

Versioning, branching/merging, visual version comparison

ProcessMIX makes collaborative work in distributed teams way easier. You can create branches from the Commit dialogue and merge your changes to any branch you finally choose as the preferred variant. The platform allows easy conflict handling and gives a single point of version control. You can quickly review the contents of each commit and compare the versions from different branches using the ProcessMIX functionality.

Dependency Management

You can easily transfer and reuse previously designed entities from other projects if they meet your new flow requirements. Install the dependency of the desired project version from the existing project data and review the content of every project in the entire version variety.

One-click endpoint generation

Once you have designed the process flow or at any intermediate point of flow construction (provided that it’s error-free), you can activate the app’s deployment. As a result, you get a functional Java app that you can access through REST or SOAP endpoints. You can use War and JAR formats to export and use the ready-made solution beyond the ProcessMIX platform.

Automatic Deployment to Docker/Kubernetes/AWS

You can generate the project containing your process logic in a Docker container and then perform its hassle-free cloud-based administration via Kubernetes tools. Your app’s flow containerized in Docker is thus deployed to Kubernetes and Cluster, running on the AWS EKS.

Administration Tool

Users are sure to enjoy an intuitive admin panel in which they can manage all their environments and monitor their performance with the help of advanced monitoring tools. You can also deploy various product versions in different environments with ease, accessing the logs for the already functioning app and the app deployment process.
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Why Choose Us?

ProcessMIX is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that can help you attain an unprecedented level of process automation within your software development agency. We are here to make your operations more streamlined, optimized, and productive, thus allowing your business to prosper with fewer resources and efforts.

Just introduce the ProcessMIX logic once to reap the benefits of automation and standardization across many projects and keep full operations under rigorous control. Quick, intuitive solutions for all kinds of IT-related businesses make ProcessMIX a universal tool for your business growth and performance improvement.

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