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How to Automate Loan Origination Process with Low-code

In the recent five years, we have seen an unprecedented spike in the FinTech domain. More and more financial organizations are establishing a presence online and strive to provide as many services as possible digitally. According to MarketResearch, the BaaS…
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Digitization vs Automation: What are they and how do they relate?

Digitization and automation are both critical to have the upper hand over the competition. The technologies allow businesses to streamline multiple processes and adjust to ever-changing market trends faster. According to Forrester’s research, around 77% of businesses in Europe and…
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COTS software vs Custom Low-code development

When it comes to business process automation tools and system modernization, every business faces the same dilemma between commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions and custom development.  A decade ago, the choice for small and middle businesses was clear — off-the-shelf solutions…
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Rules Engine vs Decision engine

Digital transformation is fast becoming a necessity due to ever-changing business models in financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. The regulations businesses fall under are changing equally quickly too, so companies are in constant search of more flexible business decision…
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Where and how to use scoring rules to make better decisions in process automation

Scoring is used in almost every domain of human activity. With scoring and marks, we measure performance, achievements, and other indicators of success. Sports teams, corporation managers, hospitals, factories, and a whole variety of other enterprises strive to give a…
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5 steps for an efficient process automation

Process automation is one of the most important parts of any business. Since the dawn of time, entrepreneurs have strived to facilitate their business processes. At first, there were tools operated engaged manually. Then, with the first industrial revolution, came…
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